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The Convenience of a Palm™
Utilizing any of the Palm OS handheld devices, Skill Manager let’s you record student activity where it occurs…in the class, lab, shop, or job site! Data recording is quick and accurate!

User Friendly Implementation Options
Skill Manager can be implemented in a single classroom or it can be implemented across an entire school. In a networked environment, each course and class is assigned to an instructor, locking out other users on the network.

Powerful Import Wizard
Very little keyboard time is needed to setup all of your courses, classes, and students. The Skill Manager Import Wizard makes it easy to transfer all of your data from where it exists already in your class or front office into Skill

Complete Student Data
A broad variety of student administrative data can be entered for each student. Up to 38 user-definable fields are available for you to customize what is important to you.

User Friendly Competency Setup
Use your competencies our ours from our library of over 400 career and technical education programs. If your competencies exist electronically (i.e. Word, Excel, DB file, etc.) we can help in reformatting them for quick and easy import into Skill Manager.


Powerful Competency Cross-Walking
Align the competencies that you teach in the classroom with state standards, federal standards, and industry standards as well as any academic (i.e. SCANS) competencies.


Comprehensive Reporting Options
Competency profile data is sorted and consolidated quickly and accurately. Hundreds of options are available on how your attendance data can be presented in reports. And if you still don’t find what you need, create your own reports with some off-the-shelf report writing tools using the Skill Manager data files. Or give us a call to discuss your specific reporting needs.