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As local, state and federal regulators redefine the way students are assessed, teachers are forced to deal with the administrative tasks that accompany these changes. These burdensome chores slow you down and cut into the time you'd like to be spending with your students. Unfortunately, we can't legislate more hours in the day. But we can offer you the next best thing…
Skill Manager™.

Skill Manager is a complete, turnkey solution for recording, managing, and reporting student competencies and skills which virtually eliminates competency tracking paperwork. The recording of your competencies can be done at your PC or with any of a variety of portable devices including cordless bar code readers or any of the Palm™ OS devices. These PDA handheld devices can go with you wherever student assessment takes place…in the class, shop, lab, clinic, or job site making the recording of student competencies quick, easy, and accurate.

  • Great for Teachers - Don't know much about computers? Don't be intimidated by Skill Manager. The software is extremely easy to use and the PDA handheld unit is usually all you'll need. The PALM device walks you through the appropriate steps to record student performance. When finished, simply place it back in it’s docking cradle and your recordings transfer immediately into the student files in the Skill Manager software.
  • Great for Administrators - Changing local, state and federal standards are constantly altering the way schools need to manage and report students' educational progress. Skill Manager keeps track of those changes for you, and helps you compile your results into clear, concise reports. And because Skill Manager displays the data immediately, administrators know the information is being retrieved and distributed correctly.

The Skill Manager software is designed to accommodate your competency objectives, whether they be industry standards, state standards, district standards, or simply curriculum that you’ve defined. But as an added benefit, the Skill Manager software comes with a library of career and technical program competencies in over 400 different program areas, including many national, state, and industry standards. The software also includes some very powerful ‘Cross-Referencing’ features allowing you to align the competencies you teach in your classroom with any state or federal standards.

Skill Manager reporting capabilities are clear, concise and right at your fingertips. Competency profiles, for student or class, for one set of competencies or another can be created in a snap. Performance scores can be averaged and reported a variety of ways and at varying levels of detail. And each scoring of a single competency can be reported showing competence over many attempts. And if you don't see what you need from the existing reports, you can either create your own using Skill Manager's data files or contact Diploma Technologies to discuss your specific reporting needs.

  • Saves time in the classroom and the front office.
  • Compiles student and class competency profiles at the touch of a key.
  • Multiple recording options accommodate all of your instructors and classrooms.
  • Installation on your local area network allows easy access to all student performance data.
  • Student information is accurate and confidential.
  • Expandable system allows for use by additional instructors.
  • Import and export features allow Skill Manager to adapt to your existing school computing environment.
  • Cross-Reference feature documents curriculum alignment with state standards.