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School-Wide Applications
Skill Manager™ and Attendance Manager™ have been proven in a variety of career and technology education programs, from individual classrooms to department-wide or school-wide implementations.

As is highlighted in all of our product discussions, Skill Manager and Attendance Manager offer many benefits for Career and Technical Education Programs. For larger implementations, 3 benefits of particular interest are…
  1. Import Wizard – As part of setting up Skill Manager and Attendance Manager, you need to define your students, courses, classes, and competencies. While all of this information can certainly be keyboard entered, the Import Wizard makes it easy to transfer all of this data from your other software systems with just a few mouse clicks. Whether it be school administrative software, student management software, or simple grade book programs, your existing data should NOT have to be retyped into Skill Manager or Attendance Manager. Acceptable file types for importing include text files, spreadsheet files, and database files.

  2. Skill Manager Competency Library – Skill Manager is designed to manage YOUR competencies and objectives. We encourage you to continue using the curriculum and competencies that are already in use in your classrooms. But for programs looking to add to their programs or align their programs with state and industry standards, we offer the Skill Manager Competency Library. This extensive list of competencies is offered at no additional cost with the Skill Manager program. It includes competencies in over 400 Career and Technical Education Programs. Most of these are federal, state, and industry standards.

  3. Attendance Manager Centralized Attendance Processing – Attendance Manager offers many options on how student clock times can be acquired. In school-wide implementations, students can clock-in and clock-out of individual classroom locations and the attendance status of these classrooms can be immediately available to the front office via your local-area-network or separate network of Attendance Terminals. Up-to-the-minute reports are immediately available at the front office.