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Health Careers
Skill Manager and Attendance Manager have proven themselves in a variety of Health Career programs. The portable devices used with Skill Manager - any of the Palm™ handheld devices or portable bar code readers - are a convenient companion to have throughout the day as you work with your students.

These portable devices are small enough to fit in a pocket and travel with you wherever student learning takes place. Being able to score student competencies “real time” as it happens means that your end of grading period assessment reports are extremely accurate…no more trying to remember what your students did at the end of 3-4 months. This is especially significant for clinicals.

The portable devices have enough memory to hold hundreds of competencies and students, allowing you to record student performance for weeks away from your office or classroom. Simply return it to it’s docking station when you return and your student scoring is transferred into the student files in the Skill Manager software.

The Attendance Manager™ system is a great complement to Skill Manager. If implemented together, they share the same student, course, and class files so you don’t have to enter your data twice. Attendance Manager records and tracks your students’ attendance records and keeps a running total of cumulative class time.