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As a Cosmetology teacher, you know the importance of tracking and reporting student clock hours. It’s a crucial component to your students’ future licensing. But with your busy schedule each day, it’s difficult to keep up with the required documentation and making sure that it’s accurate each day. That’s where Attendance Manager™ has proven a reliable ally!

With Attendance Manager, students clock-in and clock-out of class. The clock-in process is simple…either type your number at a PC keyboard or Attendance Terminal keypad or use any of the bar code scanning options. You can create your own bar coded student ID cards with the Attendance Manager software or use your existing student ASB cards if already bar coded.

With these clock times being recorded each day, Attendance Manager keeps a running tally of cumulative clock hours. And if you use any of the flexible class scheduling options (defining when your classes begin and end), the system can easily compare your students’ clock times with your class schedule and automatically determine absent, tardy, left-early, and extra time.

And for your competencies, skills, and practical applications, there’s no easier way to manage your record keeping than Skill Manager™! With any of the Palm™ handheld devices or portable bar code readers, your scoring of these competencies is quick and easy. These portable devices are small enough to fit in a pocket and travel with you wherever student learning takes place. Being able to score student competencies “real time” as it happens means that your end of semester assessment reports are extremely accurate…no more trying to remember what your students did at the end of 3-4 months. The software records each score of a particular competency and reports not only final scores on each item, but also the number of times each was assessed. Reporting takes no time at all because it’s all done, just click and print.