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As an Automotive Technology Teacher, you know first hand the demands on your busy day. Shuffling your students between classroom, shop, computer lab, and intern job sites, staying current with advances in technology, and keeping your attendance and performance reporting accurate and current leaves little time for much else.
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Health Careers
Skill Manager and Attendance Manager have proven themselves in a variety of Health Career programs. The portable devices used with Skill Manager - any of the Palm™ handheld devices or portable bar code readers - are a convenient companion to have throughout the day as you work with your students.
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As a Cosmetology teacher, you know the importance of tracking and reporting student clock hours. It’s a crucial component to your students’ future licensing. But with your busy schedule each day, it’s difficult to keep up with the required documentation and making sure that it’s accurate each day. That’s where Attendance Manager™ has proven a reliable ally!
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School-Wide Applications
Skill Manager™ and Attendance Manager™ have been proven in a variety of career and technology education programs, from individual classrooms to department-wide or school-wide implementations.
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