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No one likes having to record and manage attendance. It takes valuable teaching time away from students and teachers in the classroom. It steals many hours each day from valuable administrative staff responsible for collecting and reporting it on a timely basis. Unfortunately, we can't eliminate the necessity to keep attendance records in today's schools. But we can offer the next best thing…
Attendance Manager™. Attendance Manager is a complete, turnkey solution for recording, managing, and reporting student attendance and clock hours. The Attendance Manager system features the unique method of recording this information by having your students clock-in and clock-out of class. Student clock-ins and clock-outs can be made using one or more of the following options…

  1. An Electronic Attendance Terminal - This standalone device works independent of your PC to collect student clock times. Students enter their student number using the on board keypad, or swipe a bar coded student ID card…a card created by you using the Attendance Manager software or an ASB card provided by your school. Back at your PC, one mouse click transfers your student clock times into their student files within the Attendance Manager software.
  2. Your PC with an Add-On Card Scanner – Use your PC with an add-on card scanner as your time-clock for quick and easy card swipe clock-ins.
  3. Your PC Keyboard - Simply type in a valid student number and your in.

Whichever method you choose, all attendance data collected in the classroom can be immediately consolidated and maintained on your PC or at the front office (network version). Attendance Manager sorts your data and keeps track of the details so you don't have to.

Class scheduling features can accommodate an infinite number of alternate schedules as well as breaks and lunch hours. It can be adapted for any course format…scheduled, unscheduled, open-entry/open-exit, and drop-in. And the scheduling options are flexible enough to accommodate schedules down to each day and each student.

Attendance Manager's reporting capabilities are clear, concise and right at your fingertips. Tardy, absent, left-early, excused/unexcused, extra time, and incomplete days are recorded in a snap. And up-to-the-minute cumulative clock hours are always available…crucial to many career education students and programs seeking certification. And if you don't see what you need from the existing reports, you can either create your own using Attendance Manager's data files or contact Diploma Technologies to discuss your specific reporting needs.


  • Saves time in the classroom and the front office.
  • Compiles daily or multi-day reports at the touch of a key.
  • Multiple recording options accommodate all of your instructors and classrooms.
  • Installation on your local area network allows easy access to all attendance data.
  • Student information is accurate and confidential.
  • Expandable system allows for use by additional instructors.
  • Import and export features allow Attendance Manager to adapt to your existing school computing environment.
  • Time-clock option replicates real-world work environment and promotes responsibility.